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Gianni Borta, artist from Udine

In this troubled and heavy period, between pandemics and wars, a lesson of light and hope came to me on the occasion of an international competition dedicated to young artists (from 5 to 18 years old), in which I was part of the jury .
Excellently organized by Gianni in the spaces of the Paolo Diacono National Boarding School in Cividale del Friuli, there was to judge the pictorial works inspired by the theme of WATER which was attended by young artists from many countries as far away as Argentina, Ski Lanka, China, Canada, USA, India, Switzerland, Israel, as well as Italy. In all of the 265 works, carefully analyzed and evaluated, the excellent level, stimuli, emotions, and the strength of the colors with which the young artists approached the proposed theme (water) in the reality of things as a fairy tale emerged. .
There was also a ranking and a classification of merit according to the age groups. As always, the best works are those of the little ones, which reminded me of what Picasso said: “… You can study your whole life and you get to paint like Raphael … But a lifetime is not enough to get to paint like a child. In fact, the true artist is the one who has kept the spirit of childhood within himself for all his life .. and sees the world with the eyes of a child. Therefore my vote does not go to the individual but to all the participants who today in this review have taught us something that goes beyond, perhaps I am not able to define but that a time we called “spiritual” what goes beyond the tumult of the present to reach what is superior, pure, essential and sublime.
And at the end of the tunnel we have gotten into, the light returns.

Gianni Borta


Zhou Zhiwei, artist of Shanghai

In the gorgeous city of Cividale del Friuli, with its long and interesting history, surrounded by the beauty of its landscape, I have been honoured to be a member of the jury of the International Art Competition 2022. An event that allowed young artists from all parts of the world to show their creativity and passion for painting. The theme for the competition was “Water” and I particularly appreciated how the participants, despite their young age, were attentive to environmental issues and used different techniques to express their common concern for the future of our planet.
I think this type of initiative is significant. Young artists have been given the possibility to use colours and shapes to express their different realities and share them, we have been able to understand their world better.
Adults have a lot to learn from the immediate sincerity of children. Pablo Picasso said “when I was young I was inspired by Raffaello, when I got old I was inspired by children.
I sincerely wish this initiative to continue.

Zhou Zhiwei


Ida von Szigethy, artist from Vienna

When I was invited to be on the jury of the INTERNATIONAL ART COMPETITION
for budding young artists I was very interested to participate.
I was curious to see what children produced to the theme of Water – ACQUA.
Arriving in Cividale at the Convitto Paolo Diacono, I was first amazed about the big number of paintings and even a wooden sculpture, that were exposed.
Looking closer I noticed the many different ways children looked at the same theme “water” and how the climate with all its facettes mattered to them.
From so many angles they chose to express their thoughts, perhaps even fears, in their paintings.
I had the feeling that to all of them, coming from so many different countries and continents, water” and “climate” mattered and they had something to say.
One felt so impressed by their colours and thoughts, the force that they expressed.
There were even paintings from 3 and 4 year old children, and they freely and happily worked with colours and love of expression.
In all the exposed works already such an enormous talent for art!
There was a wave of freedom, intelligence and temperament that came out of all these works!
Hopefully this competition will go on in the next years to make children aware of their strength, their talent, makes them think and care for our envirement and take this experience through their whole life!
What a beautiful idea to organize such a competition – it certainly will stay in these childrens heartsand mind, it will have made them aware.

Ida von Szigethy



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